I have been a customer for awhile and have bought all the GalCiv, GalCiv2 stuff, plus a couple of other things (SOFSE),etc.  During that time I bought via stardock central which then went to gamestop and steam.  My stardock games seem to be spread out all over the place.

I am confused on how best to buy future stardock stuff?  For instances FE, should I do steam or try the stardock store/client...again?

Just curious what others thought.

on May 22, 2013

To the best of my knowledge, all future purchases of Stardock games will result you in getting a steam key. That means you must register that key with steam before you can download it from steam.

Anyone who purchased Stardock games before they migrated over to steam can still get download the games though the said venues. For instance, I've bought GalCiv 2 DL when it was first released in stores and I have pre-ordered the 2 expansions, so I'm still able to download them through the GameStop App.

Unfortunately, because I'm unwilling to use steam, I don't see myself buying any new Stardock games. GalCiv 3 will be denied to me at this rate.

on May 22, 2013

Right now, there is one source, of which I am aware, for a Stardock game with no DRM. Gog.com sells GalCiv I ultimate. None of the games on GOG have DRM.


on May 22, 2013

Right, I forgot about that one. I hope that more Stardock games move to GOG.